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best dad songs
The Best Dad Songs
Most of us dads rarely show emotions, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel anything. Deep down, dads do care a lot, especially when it comes to our children. To give you...
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top 5 father and son movies
Top 5 Father and Son Movies to Stream Online
Not many movies tackle the father-son relationship but the few that do will hit you right in the heart. Here are the top five father and son movies you can stream online today: Chef...
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online freelancing websites
Where to Find Online Freelance Work in 2022
5 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners Dads with location-based jobs took a big hit when the pandemic spread in 2020. Many lost their jobs and struggled to provide for their families....
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work from home dad
Pros and Cons of a Work-From-Home Dad
Thanks to the pandemic, being a work-from-home dad has been normalized. Thousands, maybe millions, of fathers transferred from office-based jobs to positions that allow remote work....
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first-time dad
Advantages of Becoming A First-Time Dad in My 30s
My first child was born just two days after my 35th birthday. Did I plan to become a new father only at this age? Well, not exactly. But I’m glad to be a first-time dad in my 30s. Truth...
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