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Accelerate your profit growth with content that drives the right customers to your website.

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I'm Bong Daco

I help auto loan websites achieve better conversion rate with high-quality written content that targets car buyers of specific locations. 

With more than six years of experience writing SEO blog posts, landing page copies, and vehicle descriptions; I have the expertise to enhance your company’s online presence and drive its profitability.

Why Update Your Content?

To make your website an effective marketing tool, getting more visitors is only half of the job. It should be able to convert web traffic into car loans.

Now, traffic conversion is very tricky. Web visitors look at client testimonials, the latest loan deals, and web design when browsing through a car loan website. In fact, the average conversation rate of loan websites is only 2-5%.

Your car loan website needs to achieve a higher conversion rate if you want to scale your business and beat the competition. You can do that by updating your website with content that targets car buyers searching for the best auto loan product in your area.

Reach out to the right audience and you’ll get a better traffic conversion rate, more car loan website applications, and higher profit.

I can help you with that.

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