Pros and Cons of a Work-From-Home Dad

work from home dad

Thanks to the pandemic, being a work-from-home dad has been normalized. Thousands, maybe millions, of fathers transferred from office-based jobs to positions that allow remote work.

There are many upsides to having a location-independent job; one of them is being safer from contracting Covid-19. Then again, nothing’s perfect. If you’re a father looking to join the bandwagon, you should know the pros and cons of being a work-from-home dad.


More Time for Your Family

Working from home means you no longer have to travel to the office. If you’re working in a city like Manila, Paris, or New Delhi, you’ll probably save 3 to 6 hours of travel time daily. You can use the time instead to bond with your wife and kids.

Fewer Expenses More Savings

Your primary role as a dad is to provide for your family. So, I’m sure that you’ll welcome the idea of having fewer expenses so you can save most of your earnings.

By working from home, you’ll save money from gas if you’re driving or bus fares if you’re commuting to work. You can also save money by buying work clothes and eating out in restaurants.

Work More Comfortably

Comfort is another benefit of being a work-from-home dad. You can set up your home office to your liking, and you can wear anything you want while working. Best of all, you can work while lying comfortably on your bed.

More Travel Opportunities

The beauty of working at home nowadays is that you can work from anywhere, as long as you have a good web connection. Once it’s safe, you’ll have more chances to travel with your family without using your vacation leaves.


It’s Harder to Focus on Work.

One downside of working from home is losing the focus on work that you usually have in an office setting. There can be many distractions at home, like the kids running around, loud television, and knocks on your door every so often.

Also, you’re free to do whatever you like since no one is watching you, unlike in the office. You’ll be tempted to open your social media account or browse through the web and lose focus on work completely. If you want to be a work-from-home dad, you’ll need the discipline to finish your daily tasks.

You Need A Reliable Internet Connection at All Times

As mentioned earlier, you MUST have a good web connection to be a work-from-home dad. This is a requirement that all companies demand, whether you’re an employee, a freelancer, or a contractor.

Sadly, many countries around the world still lack reliable internet services even in 2022. If you happen to live in any of the countries with the slowest internet connection, then you might find your boss getting in your neck more often than you like.

Less Social Interaction

Another disadvantage of working at home is reduced social interaction. I refer to face-to-face interaction with peers, not through email, web chat, or other virtual means of communication.

Some dads with outgoing personalities may find working alone in a home office unappealing. But at this time of the pandemic, it’s safer for you and your family, so I’m sure you won’t mind.

Should You Be A Work-From-Home Dad?

In my opinion, the answer is a resounding, “Yes.” More than the monetary gains and convenience while working, being a work-from-home dad allowed me to be present in my kid’s life. I was able to watch him grow up since he was born in 2020.

It’s also one of the biggest reasons why my wife and I are able to raise our son on our own. We haven’t hired a nanny or required any help from our relatives yet, and as a first-time dad, I’m very proud of that.

Are you convinced already? Go ahead, start looking for remote positions, and be the newest member of the Work-from-home Dad’s Club!

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