Must-See Taiwan Tourist Spots in 2023

Must-See Taiwan Tourist Spots in 2023

Hey, dads! Do you want to introduce/re-introduce your kids to international travel? I know, I do.

Now that countries are opening to tourists, I’m excited for my son to see some of the places I’ve visited. The first country that came to mind? Taiwan.

Taiwan Visa-Free Entry

Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei)
Taoyuan International Airport

One country that has recently opened its borders is Taiwan. This small country in East Asia just resumed its visa-free entry to 65 countries and will be effective until July 31, 2023.

With this recent lifting of Taiwan travel restrictions, you can stay for up to 90 days if you’re from the Schengen Area, the USA, Australia, Canada, and these countries. Meanwhile, passport holders from Malaysia, Singapore, and the Dominican Republic can enjoy up to 30 days of Taiwan visa-free stays.

Lastly, citizens of Thailand, Brunei, and the Philippines are allowed to visit Taiwan for up to 14 days visa-free.

Another update is the removal of home or hotel quarantine. In lieu, travelers will self-administer antigen tests for a week, including the day of arrival, and every two days afterward. You are allowed to leave your accommodations after two days of getting a negative antigen result.

That’s great, right? So, go ahead and plan your Taiwan tour for 2023 as early as now.

To help with your itinerary planning, I’ve compiled the top Taiwan tourist spots that you must see during your visit.

Yehliu Geopark, New Taipei

yehliu geopark best taiwan estinations

Located at the northeastern tip of the island country, Yehliu Geopark is a cape filled with spectacular rock formations. Most are shaped like mushrooms and candles, while others resemble pots.

Some of the most popular formations include the Queen’s Head, The Bee Hive, Fairy Shoe, and Sea Candles. All of them contain limestones and sandstones, which were formed through thousand years of weathering and erosion.

yehliu geopark taiwan tourist spots

It was raining during our trip, but it’s OK. It made the whole experience surreal as the rain was one of the weathering agents that created the rock formations.

To reach Yehliu Geopark from Taipei, you can ride Bus 1815 from Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station. The trip will take over an hour and cost around 4 USD.

However, I highly recommend booking a Yehliu-Jiufen-Shifen Waterfall Tour with Klook instead for a more convenient trip from Taipei. The tour will also take you to other famous Taiwan tourist spots, the Jiufen Old Street and Shifen Waterfall.

Liberal Democracy Square, Taipei

liberty square best taiwan destinations

Liberal Democracy Square in Taipei is one of the top Taiwan tourist spots for two reasons: history and landmarks.

Also called Liberty Square, the 24,000 square-meter plaza was the venue for many historical public gatherings in Taiwan. These assemblies played a vital role in the Taiwan government’s transition one-party system to democracy.

liberal democracy square taiwan tourist spots

Liberal Democracy Square is also home to three iconic landmarks: the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the National Concert Hall, and the National Theatre. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is the most visited Taiwan landmark by international tourists.

Chang Kai-shek Memorial Hall - Best Taiwan Destinations
Chang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Aside from the landmarks, the public square is also surrounded by parks, trees, ponds, and lawns. Also, the 80-meter Liberty Square Arch will welcome you upon entering the public plaza.

Liberty Square Arch - Taiwan Tourist Spots
Liberty Square Arch

To visit Liberty Square, you can ride the MRT Red Line and get off at the Chiang Kai-shek station. However, a better option is to take the Taipei Double Decker Sightseeing Bus Tour, which will take you to major tourist destinations in Taipei, including Liberty Democracy Square.

Zhongshe Flower Market, Taichung

zhongshe flower market taiwan tourist spots

Now, how about a magical place to brighten your Taiwan tour? Visit Zhongshe Flower Market in Taichung and delight your eyes with thousands of colorful flowers and flower backdrops.

Taiwan Flower Market - Taiwan attractions

Visit the flower garden from January to March, and you’ll see the widest variety of flowers on display. For example, we visited Zhongshe Flower Market in February of 2018, where there were tulips, cosmos, lilies, roses, sages, calla lilies, marigolds, lavender, African touch-me-not, and red sages.

Zhongshe Flower Market - Taiwan Tourist Destinations

If you’re a content creator, a social media influencer, or a vlogger, I’m sure you’ll have a field day at this Taiwan tourist spot. The collection of flowers looks so good in videos and photos, complementing picturesque props like the windmill, piano, Cinderella carriage, swing, and mini house.

zhongshe flower market - best taiwan destinations

Zhongshe Flower Market is located in Taichung, which you can reach by riding Bus 6606 at Taipei Bus Station. The trip will take more than two hours and cost around 9 USD. Alternatively, you can ride the Taiwan High-Speed Rail train to Taichung Station, then take a cab to the flower market.

Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County

Sun Moon Lake - Taiwan Tourist Spots

The country’s largest inland body of water, Sun Moon Lake, is one of the most visited Taiwan destinations by international travelers. This natural tourist attraction is also one of the thirteen national scenic areas in the country.

An island (Lalu Island) separates this 7.93 km2 lake into two halves. From an aerial view, the right part looks like the sun, while the left side resembles a quarter-crescent moon. Hence, the name Sun Moon Lake. If you’re a nature lover, this Taiwan tourist spot must be on your itinerary.

sun moon lake taiwan tourist spots

Aside from its natural beauty, you can enjoy many fun activities around Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area. There are hike trails through the forests and mountains that surround them. The massive theme park, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, is also a popular destination for its spectacular rides, aboriginal culture theme, and charming gardens.

For me, the best activities to experience Sun Moon Lake are riding the cable car (gondola), cycling the bike trail, and joining a boat tour.

Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

The cable car ride will give you a 360 view of the blue lake and the lush mountains. The 30-kilometer bike trail will take you to the hidden but breathtaking views around the natural scenic area.

Meanwhile, joining a boat tour will take you to some historical temples, pagodas, and harbors around Sun Moon Lake. An affordable way to do all these activities is to book the Sun Moon Lake Combo Ticket from Klook.

sun moon lake best taiwan destinations

To reach Sun Moon Lake, you can ride the HSR Train from Taipei to Taichung, then take the 667OF Taiwan Tourist Shuttle. The entire trip should take less than four hours.

Alishan National Scenic Area, Alishan

alishan taiwan tourist spots

Coming from a tropical country, my wife and I like to travel to more fantastic destinations. In Taiwan, one of those places is Alishan National Scenic Area. Located in Chiayi County at the southeastern end of Taiwan, this mountainous tourist attraction has an annual average temperature of 10 degrees Celcius.

During winter (December to February), the temperature can drop to as low as 5 degrees Celsius because of the high elevation and generous rainfall. When we visited the place back in February 2018, it was about 8 degrees with a bit of rain. It was a real treat to experience such weather with amazing views of Alishan virgin forests.

Alishan best taiwan destinations
Alishan Train Station

One of the main attractions in Alishan is witnessing the sunrise from one of the viewing spots, the best of which is the Ogasawara Mountain Observation Deck. You must take a train from Alishan Railway Station, ride through the forest at dawn, and reach the viewing deck before the sun rises.

Alishan National Scenic Area
Alishan sea of clouds

However, this activity is best done not during winter when fog is covering the mountain and forests. Unfortunately, that’s what happened during our trip, and the rain was pouring, so we couldn’t do much but take a few photos. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant experience, and the train rides through the forest were incredible.

Alishan Cherry Blossoms - Taiwan Tourist Destinations
Cherry Blossoms in Alishan National Scenic Area

Other tourist attractions in Alishan include Zhaoping Park and Zhaoping Sky Garden, Sister Ponds, the Giant Tree Plank Trail, and the Sacred Tree. Cherry blossoms should be in full bloom everywhere if you visit the place during March or April (springtime).

Visit the Alishan Tourism Office to get more information on how to reach these attractions. Alternatively, you can book an Alishan Day Tour or Multi-Day Tour Package to have a worry-free exploration of this Taiwan tourist destination.

To reach Alishan National Scenic Area from Taipei, ride the high-speed train (THSR) to Chiayi Station, then take Bus 7329 to Alishan Transport Station. The trip will be about 5 hours.

Alishan - Taiwan Tourist Spots
Alishan Mountain Train

But if you’re traveling to Alishan from Sun Moon Lake, it will only take around 3.5 hours via Yuanlin Bus 6739, so make sure to plan your Taiwan tour well to save time.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 - Taiwan Tourist Destinations
Taipei 101

Your Taiwan trip will only be complete with the daily visit and picture taking at Taipei 101. This 1,667-ft. The shopping and financial center became the tallest building in the world in 2003, overtaking the Petronas Towers of Malaysia. Burj Khalifa dethroned it in 2010 but still sits in the top 10 of the world’s highest skyscrapers list.

Taipei 101 has…you guessed right, 101 floors. There’s an observation deck on the 91st floor, the world’s third-highest open-air observatory deck at 392 meters from ground level. A modern and energy-efficient structure, the building has a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certification. Currently, it’s the tallest green building in the world.

Aside from the records (including the world’s fastest elevator), Taipei 101 attracts tourists for its traditional Asian aesthetic, representing the Asian culture amid the 21st-century city that is Taipei.

Taipei 101 is easily accessible via Taipei MRT Tamsui-Xinyi Line (Red Line) and has its station with its name.

Other Taiwan Tourist Spots

There you have it, the Taiwan tourist destinations you must visit in 2023. Which one do you like best?

Shifen Waterfall Taiwan Destinations
Shifen Waterfall

Suppose you have more time to spare on your tour. You may include Taroko National Park, Kaohsiung City, Shilin Night Market in Taipei, Hualien, and Yangmingshan National Park in your travel itinerary.

Hualien Railway Culture Park - Taiwan Destinations
Hualien Railway Culture Park

Whichever Taiwan tourist spots you include in your travel tour, make sure to plan well and get the necessary visa if you’re staying longer than the free-visa duration.

Taiwan Presidential Office Building in Taipei
The Presidential Office Building in Taipei

Keep safe, and see you at our next travel destination!
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